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The policies written pertain to all parties give by Couture Avenue Parties.


To Reserve your Couture Avenue Party 

        1. Choose a party package 

        2. Fill in the form on our"Book A Party"page. 

        3.  A Couture Avenue Party representative will contact you to confirm your reservation date.

        5. You will receive an invoice and a contract at the email you provided on your reservation form.

        4. Print, sign, and mail or scan and email your contract after you pay your deposit online via PayPal. 

  *Without a signed contract and deposit we will not be able to hold your reservation for your event.


Unless otherwise noted all party packages requires a non-refundable deposit if your event is 30 or more days away. The remainder of your party total must paid via PayPal with a debit or credit card. ​​​ Your deposit will be deducted from your final balance.  All deposits and contracts must be received within 7 business days of receiving your invoice. 

Final Payment
The final balance of your party total must be paid by either a mailed certified check, money order, or you may choose to pay via PayPal with a debit or credit card. Failure to pay your remaining balance will result in cancellation of your party. No refunds will be given. Unless otherwise noted final payments are due 3 weeks before your party.  Unless otherwise noted, any party that is reserved 29 days or less must be paid in full upon booking and will require an additional $50-$100 rush fee.​​​ Your deposit will be deducted from your final balance. 


All promotions are non-refundable and are to be paid in full at the time of purchase unless otherwise noted. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, we will gladly offer the next available date. A signed contract must be returned to us within 7 days of reserving your party. Your party will not be considered "confirmed" until all extra fees (if any) have been payed and a contract has been signed and returned within the time allowed. Limit one promotion per person (unless otherwise noted). No other offer can be combined with this offer. Payments are accepted via PayPal only. Party reservations may be made any time in 2016, but must be reserved at least 1 month in advance. Unless otherwise noted, parties reserved 29 days or less will require a $50-$100 rush fee, which must be paid upon receipt. 
Additional guests may be added for a fee associated with the party that is chosen (unless otherwise noted).
Mileage is not included in promotional prices and must be paid when party is reserved. There is a flat Mileage fee of $40 for all parties 15-58 miles of 31558. 
​More than 58 miles please contact us

Cancellations and refunds: 

If you must cancel your party for any reason the following refund policy applies: Your deposits are not refundable. However, we will gladly offer an alternative party date for your consideration. Any changes must be made in writing for our records. Your event is transferable, no more than 30 days out (one time only) with no penalties. You may acquire an additional charge for new invitations.

***Couture Avenue Parties will not be held responsible for nonperformance of contracted obligations due to, but not limited to, cancellations or postponement of an event by client, acts of God, riots,wars, acts of government,and other actions of authority that is beyond our control.

Mileage fees:

Mileage fees are determined using map quest.There is a flat mileage fee of $35 for all parties 0-58 miles of 31558. ​More than 58 miles please contact us

Additional Guests:

​All parties with more than the allotted guests per package will require an additional fee of $15-$50 per guest. To ensure we have enough help to handle your guests and the requirements of the party,unless otherwise noted, all events with more than 6 guests will require additional attendants and a fee of $40. Parties with 8 or more guests will require a gratuity of 18%.

Minimum/Maximum Guests:

 Our children parties are designed and priced based on the packages chosen,with a maximum of 12-15 guests per party including the guest of honor. If only 4 guests show up you will still be charged the price of the package since it is an "up to" price. Please note that any amount of guests over the package "up to" amount (including the guest of honor) will acquire an additional guest fee. If you have guests show up who are not part of the final head count we will be unable to accommodate them as we will have only brought enough supplies for the amount of guests expected.​ Likewise, because we purchase and provide items based on your head count, no refunds will be given for guests who do not show up. 

Siblings/siblings of guests: 

At Couture Avenue we strive to make it our responsibility to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. To do this we ask for a final head count 7 days before your event so that we may have enough supplies, gift bags, and treats for everyone. Unfortunately we can not accommodate siblings who are not part of the guest list. While our Children Parties are for any age, our Spa Parties are not. We also can not have children under the age of 5 participate in our spa parties. We will allow a child who is 4 or 5 to participate in the spa parties that are meant for older girls, but you or the child's parent/guardian will need to help the child with activities that may be hard for them to handle alone.

​Guest arrival time: 

We suggest that the guest of honor and their guests arrive no more than 10 min before the event time.Guests should also arrive with unpolished nails for spa parties.

Party Time:

​ Couture Avenue Parties last between 1.5-4 hours. The amount of time needed is based  on  many  factors. Since we schedule more than 1 party a day, we can not extend a party pass the allotted time stated on your invoice. We will arrive 1-4 hours in advance, to set up. Please allow 1.5 -2 hours for us to clean up and break down our stations after your event. In efforts to serve you better, we ask that you do not allow children, early guests, or pets in the service area during set up or breakdown times. 

Set Up:

Please be sure that there is adequate parking for our staff to access your venue easily and efficiently.

​We will desire a large single room to set up the proper stations, as well as access to a sink for water disposal (Spa Parties). Please note that WE DO NOT move furniture. The space we are using will need to be clutter free, clear, and open. Please inform us upon booking what space or spaces we will be using. Once we figure out which room we will be using, set up happens quickly. We request that you do not allow any children or pets in the area during set-up. Please note that pets are not allowed  in the party area during the event time for hygienic reasons. Failure to remove pets from said areas could result in our staff leaving the premises. No refunds will be given.

Other Locations:

Couture Avenue Parties is a mobile party service which means we come to you and host your event where ever you would like. There are a few things you should note when having a party other than your home. If you decide to host your party at a hotel, clubhouse, indoor recreation center, etc. you are responsible for the fees, permits, rentals, etc. We may not be able to bring chairs and tables inside of hotels, clubhouse, indoor recreation center, etc. If this is the case, arrangements will need to be made, but hopefully tables and chairs will be provided with your rental. Likewise, any parties at hotels that require a bellman or parking fee are your responsibilities

Food and Beverages: 

If you request refreshments they will be made fresh the night before,the day of your event, or purchased from one of our vendors. Our punches are made on location so that they will be and taste fresh.  If you are going to provide your own refreshments please inform us of your list so that we can decide what kind of decorations to use on and around the table.


 Please be advised that children under the age of 4 should not be permitted in the event area for any reason at any time. We will have chemicals such as nail polish, remover, lotions, and soaps out for the use of the spa. Couture Avenue Parties will not be responsible for any incidents or accidents that may happen when little ones are not being attended to. We will treat your residence or any location you choose with the uppermost respect. However, we will not be responsible for accidental damage or loss cause by guests. If you have any expensive or precious belongings please be sure to put them up and out of the way before your event.

​Allergic Reactions:

Couture Avenue Parties is not responsible for allergic reactions. It is your responsibility to ask about allergies when you take RSVP information. You are also responsible for informing us of any allergies within 7 days of your party. You will also need to confirm this by signing the allergy release form the day of your event.  ​Failure to sign the allergy release form will result in us not providing any food,beverages, or facials for your event as they may contain products that people or commonly allergic to (i.e nuts and strawberries).


You will be responsible for any defacement or damage (other than normal wear and tear) to property belonging to Couture Avenue Parties. Any damage or defacement to our property will result in assessment of charges and billing to you (the hiring client).​

Photography:Couture Avenue Parties reserve the right to photograph events that we design and or use photographs taken at your event for any and all promotional media, whether now known or hereafter  existing controlled by Couture Avenue Parties in, perpetuity, and for other use by Couture Avenue Parties. As a client of Couture Avenue Parties you agree that you will make no monetary or other such claims against Couture Avenue Parties for the use of any photographs taken of you, your child/children, your home, event location, and your guests. Couture Avenue Parties will in no terms use any identifiable,information on our images. Should you have any concerns, please send your concerns to coutureavenueparties@gmail.com.


We reserve the right to post any videos and photos taken at your event for promotional purposes. We will never use any identifiable information. 


Couture Avenue Parties is an event planning service and is for entertainment purposes only. We are not licensed cosmetologist, nail techs, estheticians, or massage therapists.

Terms: You,your (the hiring client);We,us,our (Couture Avenue)